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Resume Writer in calgary

If you are looking for a resume writer in Calgary, we could be a good match. I work with clients in all fields to help them prepare hard-hitting, effective resumes designed to showcase the skills, experience, and accomplishments that matter most to an employer.

Multi-Certified Professional Resume Writer

I am a multi-certified professional resume writer in Calgary with extensive recruitment consulting experience. I have been recognized as an industry expert by CBC, Forbes, News 1130, CKNW, BIV and many more.

Resume Writer to the Best & Brightest

I am sought out by some of the very brightest and best in the country, to include Fortune 500 executives, trailblazing entrepreneurs, high-ranking public officials, and a former member of the Prime Minister’s innermost circle. As your resume writer in Calgary I have experience of working with many talented people.  

Expert Resume Writer

I am a Certified Master Resume Writer and Certified Executive Resume Master.  I am a member in good standing of the most recognized and respected international association in the industry, Career Directors International.  There isn’t another resume writer in Calgary with the blend of extensive resume writing, executive recruiting experience, and certifications that I can leverage to add value to your resume project.

Extensive Recruiting Experience

I have extensive recruiting experience – having led complex search assignments for major Fortune 500 companies and dynamic entrepreneurial businesses on two continents. No other resume writer in Calgary can draw upon a background as diverse in helping to deliver a cutting edge to your resume content, strategy, and positioning.

The Actual Resume Writer

When you hire me, you can be sure that I will be the only person tasked with writing your resume. Unlike other ‘big box’ resume factories, I will not outsource your project. If you are looking for a resume writer in Calgary, read on to find out more. My expertise has been sought out by mainstream media organizations such as CBC in addition to prestigious business publications such as Forbes, and specialized niche blogs.

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Resume Writer in Calgary

When you hire a resume writer, it is important to understand the experience, qualifications, and expertise a resume writer will bring to your project.

Throughout my career as a professional resume writer in Calgary, I have providing resume services to thousands of people at all levels and across countless industry sectors.

To become a multi-certified resume writer with Career Directors International, I demonstrated extremely high levels of proficiency in strategic resume writing, notably achieving their Certified Master Resume Writer (CMRW) and Certified Executive Resume Master (CERM) designations. This required the submission of an extensive portfolio of work demonstrating an ability to develop strategic resume documents for clients seeking to achieve specific objectives.

Resume Writer in Calgary - All Levels, All Sectors

I am the resume writer of choice for talented professionals, managers, executives, and experienced trades people across all sectors in the Calgary marketplace. Although I will also take on entry-level (less than 2 years of work experience) projects occasionally, I specialize in professional, executive, and senior trades-level resume writing.

The services I provide include (Gold level resume package linked below:

Resume writer in Calgary – Senior manager and executive level

Resume writer in Calgary – Early-stage manager level

Resume writer in Calgary – professionals at all levels (non-management)

Resume writer in Calgary – early stage professionals

"Resume help near me", Calgary, AB - Additional Services

I provide a suite of services that can assist my clients in securing the interview and of course, for the interview itself!  I have 4 pricing tiers based on level of experience. Within each pricing tier I offer 3 packages (basic, silver, and gold). The basic service is resume & cover letter. The silver package add-on features a LinkedIn profile update, and the gold package add-on has LinkedIn update, 60-minutes of interview coaching, and one resume update after 1-year has passed since the original consultation date.

For more information, feel free to take a look at my ‘Buy Now‘ page.

Featured in:

"I was unanimously accepted as an elite master resume writer by the certification committee on the submission of my first portfolio." 

I am the first Certified Master Resume Writer in Canada and 1 of only 39 worldwide. The CMRW credential is issued by Career Directors International and is the industry’s oldest and most prestigious master-level resume credential, and the only one endorsed by the CDI. I know of no other Calgary resume writer who can offer this level and blend of resume writing proficiency and recruiting insight.

By being awarded this credential, I demonstrated myself as being the only writer in Canada capable of meeting & maintaining the professional standards of excellence, innovation, and versatility required to receive acceptance into an elite group of writers based in markets including New York, Chicago, Sydney, and Melbourne.

Take a look at my resume samples here.

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Career Directors International Endorsement

“Career Directors International is proud to officially endorse Ken Docherty as a Certified Master Resume Writer.  Mr Docherty has consistently demonstrated superior talents in the art of strategic resume writing and contemporary career marketing through a portfolio to prove his level of expertise. 

The CMRW (Certified Master Resume Writer) designation has only been completed by a small number of professionals worldwide with the confidence and talents to submit a multifaceted professional portfolio of resumes and cover letters across a range of sectors and situations. 

We consider these individuals as Career Director International’s “elite” writers. CMRWs distinguish themselves as being a class above in strategising, branding and representing their clients to the highest professional standards. 

As a professional association, Career Directors International advocates the highest levels of integrity and professional scrutiny in evaluating talents. This philosophy is designed to elevate the reputation of the entire careers industry. 

We are proud to endorse Ken Docherty as one of our association’s elite and the first professional resume writer in Canada to achieve this master-level credential. 

Gayle Howard, Director of Certifications 
Laura DeCarlo, Career Directors President 
Career Directors International

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Resume Writer in Calgary
Look beyond the certification. My hands-on experience in recruitment consulting could provide you with an unparalleled competitive edge in your Calgary resume writing project.
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LinkedIn Profile

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Interview Coaching

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Why Choose a Resume Writer in Calgary?

1: A Professional Resume Can Help You Stand Out in a Crowded Job Market

Hiring a resume writer in Calgary can help you make a great first impression in today’s competitive job market. If you choose the correct writer with extensive expertise in recruiting and resume writing, a professionally written resume from a Calgary-based resume writer can make you stand out from other candidates. Partnering with someone who has mastered the art of resume writing could be a good use of your time.

With the help of a resume writer in Calgary, you can highlight your skills, experiences, and achievements in a way that showcases your unique value to potential employers. A Calgary resume writer can create a document that catches the eye of hiring managers and recruiters, making it easier for you to get your foot in the door.

By investing in a resume writer in Calgary, you’re taking steps to maximize your career potential and increase your chances of success.

2: A Customized Resume Highlights Your Unique Skills and Achievements

A resume writer in Calgary can work with you to create a customized resume that highlights your unique talents, skills, and achievements. By working with a Calgary-based resume writer, you can tailor your resume to the specific job or industry you’re applying to and structure your resume for maximum impact, increasing your chances of getting noticed by employers. In doing so, you can showcase your career progression and achievements in a way that sets you apart from other candidates.

A customized resume is a reflection of your personal brand, helping you to establish yourself as a standout candidate in your field. Working with an expert resume writer in Calgary can help you to get the attention of local employers and increase your chances of success in the job market.

3: A Professional Writer Knows How to Optimize Your Resume for Applicant Tracking Systems (ATS)

An experienced resume writer knows how to optimize your resume for applicant tracking systems, ensuring that you get past the initial screening process.

By working with a professional resume writer in Calgary, you can ensure that your resume uses the right keywords and formatting to improve your chances of getting noticed by ATS and human recruiters alike. This can help you to navigate the digital job market and ensure that your resume is optimized for success.

With the help of a resume writer you can be confident that your resume is up-to-date with the latest ATS optimization strategies. Hiring a resume writer in Calgary is a smart investment if you want to maximize your chances of success in the local job market.

4: A Well-Written Cover Letter Can Enhance Your Job Application

A well-written cover letter from an expert resume writer can help you to stand out from other candidates and showcase your personality and unique value proposition.

By working with a resume writer in Calgary, you can craft a cover letter that complements your resume and highlights your skills and experiences. A cover letter from an experienced recruiter and resume writer is a chance to make a connection with the hiring manager in a meaningful way and show them why you’re the right fit for the job.

With the help of a resume writer, you can create a cover letter that is tailored to the specific job or industry you’re applying to. Investing in a well-written cover letter from a resume writer in Calgary is a great way to show potential employers that you’re serious about your job search and willing to go the extra mile to stand out.

5: Professional Resume Writers May Provide Valuable Interview Coaching and Career Advice

Hiring an expert resume writer not only provides you with a professionally written resume, but could also offer valuable interview coaching to help you prepare for job interviews and increase your confidence in you choose the package option with Interview Coaching.

With the help of a resume writer in Calgary, you can receive career advice that helps you identify your strengths and weaknesses, and develop an effective job search strategy.

An experienced resume writer in Calgary can offer insights and tips on how to answer common interview questions and provide you with personalized feedback to help you improve your interview performance.

Professional resume writers in Calgary have a deep understanding of local job market trends and can offer tailored advice to help you succeed in your job search. Working with a resume writer in Calgary provides you with access to a wealth of knowledge and resources to help you navigate the hiring process and advance your career. Working with an experienced resume writer could also help you avoid missing out on opportunities.